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Moldavite EAZyGifts

The beauty of nature is what I love most, that is why       

I work  only with genuine, natural crystals and stones, trying to emphasize their organic and beautiful nature.

They make me happy, uplifted and connected to Mother Earth.

I also use crystals during healing sessions like Reflexology, Reiki, Solfeggio Tuning Forks or TFT-Thought Field Therapy.

I use genuine crystals and stones. They are handpicked by me or carefully selected and bought from the source of their origin.

I make beautiful jewellery using stainless steel wire and chain, which is corrosion resistant, very durable and low-maintenance.

Crystals and Jewellery are available to buy from my Treatment Room at Bedford and Etsy shop: EAZyGifts.

Turquoise EAZyGifts
EAZyBalance Lava Stone1.jpg

Lava Bead Bracelets and Necklaces are all handmade by me. 

It is believed that Lava Stones have multiple healing properties and many metaphysical and spiritual meanings such as cleansing, protecting, grounding, balancing and calming. 

Lava Stones are usually combined with other gemstones in jewellery for added benefits. 

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