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What clients say

What an amazing experience! 

Edyta has a magical touch. I was never more relaxed in my life. I would recommend these sessions to everyone. I will definitely come back for more sessions in the future. 



Edyta is an amazing reflexologist. My sessions were so relaxing, as well as rebalancing for both my mind and body. As well as the actual reflexology, Edyta also gave me some simple and quick relaxation techniques to help me de-stress and just take a few moments for myself. She also gave me some recommendations for my diet too. I can’t recommend Edyta enough.


I have enjoyed my reflexology complementary therapy sessions with Edyta. I found that each week I was looking forward to having the treatment and each week I felt very relaxed and gain more and more distance to my problems. (...) I would certainly consider having another set of sessions!


Never having reflexology before I was quite relieved to very quickly feel relaxed thanks to Edyta's calm and confident approach. So much so that by my 5th session I found myself nodding of for forty winks.

After my final season I felt benefits of better and deeper sleep.

Congratulations Edyta on your graduation and wish you the best of luck.


I have enjoyed all of my reflexology sessions with Edyta. I was not sure what to expect but she explained everything clearly and her calm reassuring nature helped me to relax during the sessions. I have learned a lot about how reflexology can help (...) 


The sessions were highly relaxing and improved mood and reduced stress levels. Edyta creates a lovely calm environment for her skilled hands to work. Would definitely recommend.


EAZy Balance Temple Academy of Reflexology
EAZy Balance AOR member


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